Bohler-Uddeholm Vancron SC Knife Steel
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Vancron SC(Bohler-Uddeholm) - Vancron SuperClean is a nitrided powder tool steel, which recently appeared on knife related forums(circa 2019). Nitrogen content is quite high, 1.8%, there are very few alloys with Nitrogen content close to that. As the maker states, finished tool surface will have very low friction coefficient due to nitrides, which reduces galling and sticking to the tool surface. I suppose that part is way more important for industrial tooling than the knives we love use, however, it definitely won't hurt the knife performance and is a plus anyway.
The closet relative I found for the Vancron SuperClean is another Vancron from Bohler-Uddeholm - Vancron 40. SuperClean in the name typically refers to 4th gen PM process used in manufacturing. Vancron 40 has more Mo, Less V, little bit of W, absent in Vancron SuperClean, and the rest is the same. At this moment I have no factual data to compare the two alloys though.
We do have info regarding Vancron SuperClean though. Max working hardness so far, is very respectable 67HRC, made by the knifemaker - Big Brown Bear. He sees Vancron SuperClean as a decent edge performance upgrade over Bohler-Uddeholm K390 steel.
Kase Knives Switzerland( first demonstrated Vancron SuperClean knife at 65.5HRC, focusing on its toughness, and it wasn't a 0.25" thick pry bar either. That was a small, thin edged(0.011" behind the edge thickness) knife, shown to shave brass, stag, etc. Later, Roman, the guy behind Kase Knives contacted me with an update, and as I understand, he managed to refine HT process and achieved 68HRC on test knife, which isn't a demo piece but a functional knife. I sure would love to get my hands on some of that stuff. Roman also included micrographs of the Vancron SuperClean, and seems to be very fine grained steel, according to micrographs, and Roman it's around 1µm. That was supported by his statement on how sharp the steel gets. I also got his impressions on the Vancron SuperClean steel workability and as I suspected that is rather poor. Machinability is bad, as Roman described it - annoying, even in annealed(read softer) condition. On top of that, the steel itself is designed to be low friction, which makes grinding and machining more difficult. Well, all that is offset by the properties of the final product, the knife you will use :)
Overall, it looks like a very versatile and capable alloy for variety of uses. Given its small grain size, Vancron SuperClean is very capable of supporting high performance, thin, polished edge.

Manufacturing Technology - PM

Country - Sweden(SE)

Known Aliases:
Assab - Vancron Superclean, Assab - Vancron SC, Bohler-Uddeholm - Vancron Superclean

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