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Years: May 1983 - Present...
    Actually they've done a lot of stuff before 83, with different people and in different places but this is a date when they recorded their first album Kill 'Em All. On 09/27/86 Cliff Butron died in tragic accident, that was a big loss for the band. At the end of next month Jason Newsted becomes Metallica's new bass player. In april 87 their first home video was released, I assume the name "Cliff 'Em All" is self explanatory.
    Personally I think they were the best metal group, up until 1991.
I think their album Load, released in 1996 is really interesting, may be it's not exactly heavy metal, but it's different and I do like a lot of things in it.
    And I don't really want to comment on Reload, not worth it.
Once you start doing song sequels such as Unforgiven II, obviously something's wrong with you.
Later events proved exactly that. Next couple years Metalica spent most of their time in the court fighting for the money, I don't buy that "We're oh so concerned about copyright BS". IMHO it was a shame what they've started with Napster. Not them after all? Quite entertaining but sad to watch those "outlaw dogboys" fighting for some extra money and bringing the case to the court ;) And in the end as usual it's all about the money ;)

    And again, it's a matter of opinion and I'm not going to argue with anybody about how good/bad they are. For more information about the band check the links.

Band Members:

  • James Hatfield: vocals, guitar;
  • Kirk Hammet: lead guitar;
  • Jason Newsted: bass guitar;
  • Lars Ulruch: drums;