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All of the knives for sale are from my personal collection, I am not a knife dealer.

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The knives listed below are for sale. Click on the link on the knife name, it will display my review for that knife including pictures, so you get the idea what I think and was doing with it. As you will see not all of them are positive. Well, it's just my opinion ;) May be that knife is ok for you, or the price will make it more attractive.
    Pictures - Picture column is empty for NIB knives, though you can find plenty of pictures in corresponding picture galleries. Used knives have numbered links in picture column, each links to the picture showing closeups of knife parts, such as wearing, dents, etc.
    Shipping - The price shown includes insured shipping via usps to CONUS. For anything else we'll have talk.
    Payment - Paypal preferred, or MO, then you have to wait until I get your MO.
    Terms used - Probably you know already, but just in case. NIB means the knife was never used or sharpened. In original condition from manufacturer or maker. Mint means used very lightly once or twice, but no wear marks, no sharpening, may be light stropping on the leather. Very Good - used few times, sharpened once, stropped (my habbit ;), alsmot no wear markings. Good - Used, sharpened few times, blade is 70-80% of its original condition. No damage, wear marks exist, no functional problems with the knife thuogh. Used means I was using the knife more or less extensively, sharpened for maintenance, knife has significant wear signs, logo might be worn, coating, scratches, etc.
    Warranty - You have 3 day inspection period. If for some reason you do not like the knife you bought from me, ship it back to me and I'll refund in full, obviously I won't be covering your shipping costs.
    Contact - If you have any questions, picture requests and such please send me an email at : Contact Me.

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Last updated - 05/19/19