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Years: 1981 - Present...
    In 1981 Al Jogensen met Paul Barker in Boston and eventually the greatest industrial band was born. To me they are the best industrial band, even though I really don't like their first albums "With Simpaty" and "Twitch" (IMHO those are more pop than Industrial, or they can be considered as Industrial Pop, if such term is valid :), they still are the best!

After their Dark Side Of The Spoon in 1999 I thought they were done. Nothing new for long time, till 2003. I figure pretty much everyone considered them dead. I did to be honest. Becasue of that I somehow missed Animositisomina alltogether. I've managed to listen to one track - Animosity, wasn't really impressed, and gave up. However, year later Houses Of Molé comes out and that's a blast. Very strong album, that can be considered a solid comeback. Apparently Al had to be pissed off real bad to produce something as good as Psalm 69 (KEIANHNO). Ironically that one(Keniahno) was against older Bush, and Houses is against dubya. Oh, well, I'm glad they're back, no questions asked. I still love industrial music, after all it's just harder trance ;)

Band Members:

  • Al Jourgensen: vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, harmonica, pedal steel, piano;
  • Paul Barker: bass, vocals, programming;
  • Mike Scaccia: guitar;
  • Louis Svitek: guitar;
  • Duane Buford: programming, keyboards;
  • Bill Rieflin: drums;

   For more information about the band you can check Afra's Ministry page and Mattias Hultgren's Ministry Web Site, IMHO those are the best I've seen.