Bohler-Uddeholm Vancron 40 Knife Steel
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Vancron 40(Bohler-Uddeholm) - Cold work, nitrided PM tool steel. interesting part is 1.8% N in it. High adhesive wear resistance, resistance to galling and chipping. Good in aggressive environments. Unlike other nitrogen steels Vancron 40 has high carbon content as well. Still, Vanax 75 steel is more popular in knives, if that comparison is valid at all, very few knives use nitrided steels, though quite a few metallurgists do insist the future is in nitrided steels. Discontinued as of 2019. Special thanks to Roman of Kase Knives Switzerland( for the following clarification: at some point in the past, there was an error in makers catalog, incorrectly labeling Vancron 40 as Vancron 40 SuperClean, which was corrected later. I guess by now it's rather academic, since the steel is discontinued.

Manufacturing Technology - PM

Country - Sweden(SE)

Known Aliases:
Bohler-Uddeholm - Vancron 40 SC

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