Queen - John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor.

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Years: 1971 - 1991.
    I think Queen was the greatest classic rock band. Having their unique style and sound. And of course Freddie Mercury, who pretty much defined Queen. Yes, Brian, Roger and John wrote a lot of hits and they were band members frmo the beginning to the end, but it was Freddie that made Queen what it was. As a showman and performer he's very hard to match.
As for their works, I personally like their later albums more, Innuendo, The Miracle, A kind Of Magic - I think those are excellent. Pretty rare thing, as usual bands are doing worse with years. Also, I have to mention their videos, state of the art I'd say, again very rare thing. I still enjoy watching Queen video clips and live concerts, and prefer to most of the moder stuff. To be honest Made in Heaven doesn't count, at least to me.
    Unfortunately Freddie Mercury died untimely in 1991. That was a big loss not only for the band, for the rock music as well.

Band Members:

  • Freddie Mercury: lead vocals, keyboards, piano;
  • Brian May: guitar, vocals, harmonies, keyboards;
  • John Deacon: bass guitar, keyboards;
  • Roger Taylor: drums, percussion, vocals, harmonies, keyboards;

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Queen + PR

 - Never thought this would happen, but little I knew. Queen did thris first tour in 2005, that is since Freddie's death. Brian, Roger, couple backing musicians and Paul Rogers as a lead vocalist are performing Queen's songs and some of the Rogers' own stuff. If you would like you can try all that from their site, of course queenonlie has more than one link there. John Deacon isn't there. To be honest I don't like the whole thing. Sure, in interviews they all say this is in Freddies memory, and Rogers isn't there to replace Freddie, just they're doing their new things, although why under Queen's name then I donno. Well, obviously any other name would sell a lot less tickets. As for the Rogers, some consider him to be a great singer with very strong voice. Donno. I've listened to samples, and can't say that, although as Rogers' fant state it's impossible to grasp his talent on low quality samples, and you have to buy high quality records to grasp it. Hmm, I am a bit sceptical on that. Anyway, his talent aside simply, Rogers singing Queen's songs just doesn't sound that good. I am comparing to Freddie of course. If you like whatever it is then there you go, they will be touring for a while I gues, even planing US tour :)