GOST 110KH18 Knife Steel
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110KH18(GOST) - Russian stainless steel, used in Zlatoust made forged knives and many other Russian knives. In use since circa 1966. By composition it is very close to AISI 440C steel. Made by using ESR and VAR technologies. As some Russians claim it is equivalent of the Latrobe BG42 steel, however there is no Vanadum in 100x18M and it also has Nickel and 0.2 Titanium in it, which makes the equivalence claims disputable. Basically, emphasis is on the ESR/VAR tec used in this alloy, but composition is quite different from Latrobe BG42 steel. Can't comment on its performance, steel chart is designed just to list the accurate composition. After long research, I've figured out that apparently, 110X18MSHD is also listed as 110x18M steel. As per reader input: Most often 110Kh18MShD is used for mid-class forged knives, it is believed to be capable to deliver good hardness and retention, however is difficult in forming and heat treatment and therefore requires high skills. Only a few blacksmiths use the steel at the moment, mostly on semi-custom basis.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Russia(RU)

Known Aliases:
GOST - 110X18M, GOST - 110X18, GOST - 110KH18MSHD, GOST - 110X18MSHD

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