Beretta Aluminum Airlight II Lockback Folding Knife Review

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Beretta Aluminum Airlight Lockbaks

Stainless steel 440C, spear point blade, aluminum handles, partially (30%) serrated blade, belt or pocket clip, good thing is it has 3 screws, so whenever you want you can get rid of this clip or if you ever change your mind, attach it back :)
    5 inch closed, 4 1/2 blade. I have no idea what that black coating is, on the blade, where it is in contact with the handle, it is kind of already scratched, by its own handle :( On the bigger picture you can see those scratches. In short the finish is pretty much crappy :( And on that photo it does look any better than in reality. Isn't it exciting at all...


Came pretty much sharp right out of the box, was even shaving, with a little problems. Overall, not a bad toy, at least to me, nice looking, pocket knife. Locking mechanism is the same as with the other knives above, so nothing to add. Actually, these knives differ only by blades, those have skeletonized, this one got spear point, thus little bit difference in weight, in terms of performance - not much to say :) Not much to complain either ;) You get what you pay for :) Well, for it's price it's not the bad one ;)))


  • Blade - 114.30mm(4.5")
  • Thickness - 2.54mm
  • OAL - 215.90mm(8.5")
  • Steel - 440C 56-58HRC
  • Handle - Aluminum
  • Acquired - 03/2000 Price - 70.00$

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