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Usuba Type Japanese Kitchen Knife Definition

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Usuba ( 薄刃)
- To be exact Azumagata Usuba, also known as Kakugata usuba, kaku means square in Japanese. Rectangular, thin blade vegetable knife. Similar to Nakiri, except it's thicker and single grind, higher quality and more expensive as well. There are two more types of Usuba, Hishigata(or Higashita as per Nozaki), Kanto style which is like bigger version of Mukimono, and Kamagata(Kansai style). See Tadatsuna Shirogami Kamagata Usuba Knife Review.


  • Typically a Single Grind knife.
  • Common Blade Length - 210-240mm(8.27-9.45")
  • Blade Length Range - 210-240mm(8.27-9.45")

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