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Unagisaki Type Japanese Kitchen Knife Definition

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Unagisaki ( 鰻裂 or うなぎ裂)
- Unagi in Japanese is eel. Saki is tearing. Smallish knife for filleting the eel. Numerous variations exist: Kantogata - Kanto style, Unagisaki Kyogata - Kyoto style, Unagisaki Osakagata(鰻裂大阪型) - Osaka style, Unagisaki Edogata (鰻裂江戸型) - Edostyle, Unagisaki Nagoyagata - Nagoya style eel knife. Generic name for all of the above is still Unagisaki. The one shown on the photo here is Edosaki.


  • Typically a Single Grind knife.
  • Common Blade Length - 180-210mm(7.09-8.27")
  • Blade Length Range - 150-270mm(5.91-10.63")

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