Saikachi Deba Type Japanese Kitchen Knife Definition

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Saikachi Deba ( サイカチ出刃)
- Saikachi is the name of a plant in Japan. As a knife it is a specialized deba, with flat, unpointed tip. Mainly used by fishmongers(a person who sells and cuts up the fish at market for a living). Besides being used for breaking down the fish, its special purpose(unpointed tip) helps with cutting out the caviar from the fish. Single grind knife. There is also a double grind version of Saikachi Deba - 両刃サイカチ出刃.


  • Typically a Single Grind knife.
  • Common Blade Length - 180-210mm(7.09-8.27")
  • Blade Length Range - 180-210mm(7.09-8.27")

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