Gyuto Type Japanese Kitchen Knife Definition

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Gyuto ( 牛刀)
- Japanese analog of western chef's knife. In other words - all purpose knife. Main difference from western chef's knife - its thinner blade. As most of the Japanese kitchen knives, Gyuto features much harder steel. Gyutos generally come with double grind edge. Gyutos are made with western(see Akifusa Gyuto Review) and Japanese style handles(see Kumagoro Gyuto Review) - Wa-Gyuto. Exact origins and design purposes are unclear, but some believe Gyuto originally was designed for cutting large slices of beef. Several sources translate Gyuto as Cow Sword, which is incorrect. To isn't sword in Japanese. So, more accurate translation would be Cow Blade.


  • Typically a Double Grind knife.
  • Common Blade Length - 210-270mm(8.27-10.63")
  • Blade Length Range - 150-390mm(5.91-15.35")
  • Average Blade Thicnkess - 1.9-5mm(0.07-0.2")

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