Bohler-Uddeholm Weartec SF Knife Steel
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Weartec SF(Bohler-Uddeholm) - Bohler-Uddeholm WEARTEC SF steel is a very highly alloyed spray formed cold work tool steel with a combination of extremely high wear resistance and a good resistance to cracking. It is suitable for rolls and rotary knives with very high demands on abrasive wear resistance and carbide applications requiring toughness. As per Uddeholm data at 60 HRC Weartec SF relative wear resistance is almost 6 times higher than that of the AISI D2 tool steel at the same hardness. Resistance to chipping(Ductility) is around twice as better compared to D2 and toughness is slightly better than D2. In a real world it all promises very good knife blade properties, however it will be rather difficult to machine, and not so sure about availability and price either. HT will be complicated for sure. What all that means, it's not gonna be very popular with custom makers.

Manufacturing Technology - SF

Country - Sweden(SE)

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