Crucible CPM S30V Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

Version 4.36
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CPM S30V(Crucible) - Developed in 2001, by Crucible. Rare case of a steel designed as a cutlery steel. Several well known knife makers participated in the development/research including: Phil Wilson, Sal Glesser, Ernest Emerson, Tony Marfione, William Harsey Jr., Tom Mayo, Jerry Hossom, and Paul Bos, Chris Reeve. The result is a very good steel, although heat treating it properly was a problem initially. It isn't A2 class toughness as Knife Steel FAQ states, but still, quite tough and wear resistant for the stainless steel. Considered as one of the premium mainstream cutlery steels.

Manufacturing Technology - CPM

Country - United States(US)

Known Aliases:
Crucible - S30V, Crucible - PM14-2-4CrMoV

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