Precision Marshall TRM2 Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

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TRM2(Precision Marshall) - Very popular high-speed steel, it can hold its temper even at very high temperatures, and as such is used in industry for high-heat cutting jobs. Not quite knife works, but M2 does have better wear resistance and toughness at the same hardness compared to such a popular knife steel as D2. Makes better blade steel, unless stain resistance is an issue. Benchmade used to make M2 knives, including AFCK, 710 and Nimravus. Note - Si, S and Mn are taken from Crucible specs. Other makers may have different amount. See versions from Latrobe in this database.

Known Aliases:
Precision Marshall - TRM-2

* - Listed as an equivalent or replacement for alloys in this group.

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