Composition Comparison Graph For The
Knife Steels Hitachi Aogami 2, Hitachi Aogami Super

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Name Base C Cr Mo V W Co Ni Mn Si S P Cu Nb N Tech Maker CC

Aogami 2(JP)*

 Fe 1.05-1.150.20-0.500.000.001.00-1.500.000.000.20-0.300.10-0.200.0040.0250.000.000.00         Hitachi   JP  

Aogami Super(JP)*

 Fe 1.40-1.500.30-0.500.000.30-0.502.00-2.500.000.000.20-0.300.10-0.200.0040.0250.000.000.00         Hitachi   JP  

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