Bohler-Uddeholm S790 Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

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S790(Bohler-Uddeholm) - Bohler-Uddeholm PM high speed tool steel. Uses their proprietary Microclean technology. High speed tool steel. By composition and characteristics it is somewhere in between AISI M2 and AISI M4 high speed tool steels. Both of those alloys are very popular choices for high end knives, M4 being a winner of many cutting competitions. S790 is more wear resistant and a bit tougher compared to M2, but M4 having more alloying content performs better in those departments, which is why M4 is more popular choice I suppose. Still, a very decent alloy on its own, and depending on heat treatment can be used in high performance cutters or more of a heavy duty knives as well.

Manufacturing Technology - PM

Country - Sweden(SE)

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