Guldimann-Steel Knife Steel
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Guldimann-Steel(?) - One of the very few steels specifically designed for the knives by Swiss knifemaker Marco Guldimann in collaboration with metallurgist Markus Zgraggen and the IEHK. Guldimann-Stahl is a product of a lengthy research and series of experiments on several other steels such as 1.2008, 1.2516, 1.2562, in a quest to achieve high hardness, high strength alloy with very fine grain structure. I might add(based on conversation with Marco) that kitchen knives were one of the primary candidates for this steel, although as it is, I don't see any knife suffering from the properties listed above, especially light use, high performance cutters with thin, polished edges. Guldimann-Stahl is a cold work steel, with very fine grain size and it is an extremely pure alloy. P and S levels(0.0004% and 0.0008% respectively) are exceptionally low, magnitude level lower than Shirogami 1 steel or its kin known for their extreme purity. Maximum working hardness is well past 64-65 HRC I initially thought, it's 67HRC, which is really high and there are very few alloys that surpass that, but I'm not sure any of those are as fine grained as Guldimann-Stahl. It is a proprietary alloy, so if you want a knife made out of Guldimann-Stahl you have to work with maker directly. I am definitely interested, and you can guess that stuff won't be cheap either :) Well, most good things in this life aren't.

Manufacturing Technology - VIM

Country - Germany(DE)

Known Aliases:
? - Guldimann-Stahl

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