GB GNiCr40Al4 Knife Steel
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GNiCr40Al4(GB) - Interesting alloy, several makers are experimenting with it. It was invented in 60s, and neither for civilian nor cutlery use, as I understand, for bearings for sub's main propellers, etc. Like many other things, invented in US, then Soviets copied and improved for military use, now produced in China. Obviously US and Russian equivalents exist, I don't know their names though. All the makers currently use Chinese version. Expensive. Highly corrosion resistant, non magnetic, non ferrous alloy. Apparently working hardness is up to 65-67HRC. High wear resistance and reasonable toughness at high hardness, coupled with high corrosion resistance, makes it a good candidate for knife steel, in theory at least. If you have additional information, please contact me.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - China(CN)

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