Bohler-Uddeholm Elmax 2 Knife Steel
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Elmax 2(Bohler-Uddeholm) - One more unreleased I found out about from Looks like amped up Elmax steel, and it is a patented steel, however there is no official name and Elmax2 is just a codename suggested by Larrin, and I think it works fine. Elmax 2 has 1% more Carbon, 3% more Chromium, 2.5% more Vanadium, more Molybdenum too, not as significant of an increase as that of the other alloying elements, but you get the picture. Looks like a very high carbide volume steel, and toughness isn't its particular strength though, it's around the same range as Bohler-Uddeholm's Vanadis 60 steel and S290 steel from the same maker. As I said above, the patent is already 10 years old, so chances of Elmax 2 being released is rather slim, but who knows.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Sweden(SE)

Known Aliases:
Bohler-Uddeholm - Elmax2

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