Crucible CPM S35VN Knife Steel
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CPM S35VN(Crucible) - Crucible CPM steel. Developed in 2009. As I understand it is an evolution of CPM S30V steel. CPM S35VN has Niobium, which isn't present in its predecessor, CPM S30V steel. Currently it is quite popular with custom makers and several high end production knife companies use it including Spyderco, Rick Hinderer, Spartan Blades, Chris Reeve and many others. Overall, CPM S35VN is a bit tougher alloy compared with CPM S30V steel, according to Crucible documentation toughness increase was 15%-20%. CPM S35VN is more resistant to chipping as well. According to the same document from Crucible, there was no decrease in wear resistance, but as field reports indicate, CPM S35VN edge holding on abrasive materials including cardboard and rope is worse than that of the CPM S30V steel. Therefore, for the knives optimized purely for edge holding, and requiring good abrasive wear resistance, CPM S30V steel is still a better choice.

Manufacturing Technology - CPM

Country - United States(US)

Known Aliases:
Crucible - S35VN, Crucible - CPM 35VN, Crucible - 35VN, Crucible - PM14-2-3CrMoVN

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