New Jersey Steel Baron NitroV Knife Steel
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NitroV(New Jersey Steel Baron) - One more knife steel introduced by New Jersey Steel Baron. Essentially, Nitro-V is a modification of a well known and very good AEB-L knife steel with small amounts of Vanadium and Nitrogen to it. Both elements have very positive alloying effects on steel. Alternatively, you could say Nitro-V is 14C28N steel with added Vanadium. You can decide for yourself which one is closer. In the end, according to reports we have very decent knife steel. Edge stability very similar to AISI 52100 steel, which does count as an achievement, since AISI 52100 steel is known for its fine edge and stability, but in addition to that you have really stain resistant steel. Nitro-V recommended working hardness is in 58-62HRC range, which is higher then AEB-L steel, although I have seen kitchen knives made out of AEB-L knife steel around 61-62 HRC. So far there have been no knives at 62HRC from Nitro-V though. In 58-60HRC range Nitro-V has very good toughness and impact resistance. Vanadium in Nitro-V won't really improve wear resistance over AEB-L or 14C28N because there's only 0.079% of it, which will help with grain refinement, hardenability and edge stability, all of which are indicated by reports, but there's simply not enough of it to affect wear resistance in a meaningful way. Still, unless your knife requires high abrasive wear resistance, Nitro-V will do fine. All the steels used as the basis of comparison with Nitro-V steel work well with thin, polished edges, consequently Nitro-V will be able to attain high polish and sustain thin edges at high hardness.
P.S. Published composition is most likely the one from a specific batch, is is highly unlikely that there are no tolerances in its composition, numbers are way too precise. I'm trying to contact New Jersey Steel Baron to get the specs.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - United States(US)

Known Aliases:
New Jersey Steel Baron - Nitro-V, New Jersey Steel Baron - Nitro V

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