Lohmann SB1 Knife Steel
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SB1(Lohmann) - SB1 is an alias for the Lohmann Niolox Steel notes. The SB1 name originated from the popular German knife makers Jurgen Schanz and Lars Behnke. At that time(circa 2006) they were looking for a worthy successor of the Hitachi ATS-34 steel. Apparently, another German knife maker Achim Wirtz recommended or pointed them to Niobium steels, and eventually they picked W-Nr 1.4153.03 alloy spec, to which Lohmann's Niolox confirms. Then came the name SB1, because they felt Niolox was too "pharmaceutical". Hence, SB1, where S stands for Schanz, B for Behnke, and 1 for number one choice. There you have it, SB1. For more information on the alloy properties check the Lohmann Niolox Steel notes.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Germany(DE)

Known Aliases:
Lohmann - Niolox, Lohmann - LO-R 4153.03

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