Daido MBS-26 Knife Steel
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MBS-26(Daido) - MBS-26 is a predecessor and more of a budget version of the Takefu VG-10 stainless steel, made by Daido, exclusively for Masahiro. Takefu VG-10 stainless steel is very popular in kitchen and all other types of knives. Basically, MBS-26 is lacking Vanadium and Cobalt present in VG-10, and has less Molybdenum in it. On its own MBS-26 is a solid performer, and as some reports state, it's more flexible at the same hardness than VG-10, although I am sure why would that be. Good corrosion resistance, fine grained steel, works well with high polished edge. Spyderco used it in their kitchen knives, and in the past on other fixed blades as well.

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Country - Japan(JP)

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