GB 3Cr Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

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3Cr(GB) - Budget stainless steel. Low Carbon, highly stainless alloy. Actually, 3Cr is very close to AISI 420J2 steel and its analogs, except for the missing 1% Nickel(Ni). I'd put it in the same group, but 1% Nickel is enough to warrant its own group. Due to its low Carbon content, 3Cr won't be able to reach higher hardness levels. If the corrosion resistance and price are main selection criteria, then 3Cr can definitely be a viable choice, otherwise I'd stay away. For several years 3Cr composition remained a mystery, although based on its performance and price, guesses were pretty good regarding its composition. I was finally able to track down 3Cr composition published on Spyderco site in 2019.

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Country - China(CN)

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