W-Nr 1.2442 Knife Steel
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1.2442(W-Nr) - Low alloy tool and die steel. No direct analogs in other standards. 1.2442 is a relatively tough steel, with good wear resistance and hardenability. I found few makers using it for various types of knives, all in Germany. Interestingly, in all instances, 1.2442 is used in custom kitchen knives, at max hardness. Although, that was explained once I got the following info:
The 1.2442 steel was made by Lohmann-Stahl in Witten. This steel (as several others as well) was made to specifications of Achim Wirtz who also works together with them(Lohmann-Stahl) and is a person who makes different steels available to knifemakers (he orders a few tons and then sells over several years). 1.2442 is similar to Hitachi Aogami 1 steel, with a bit less Carbon and Chromium, but a tad more Tungsten(W). Main drawback compared to Aogami and Shirogami series would be much higher allowed amount for contaminants like Sulfur(S) and Phosphorus(P). Still, very decent alloy with proper heat treatment and geometry for the right task.

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Country - Germany(DE)

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