Cold Steel Large Voyager Tanto Folding Knife Review

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Cold Steel Voyager Tanto

Actually everything I said about the Gunsite folder applies to this knife as well. Comes shaving sharp right out off the box. 5 inch, AUS-8A stainless steel 50% serrated blade, 6 closed, Zytel handles.
    Haven't used this one much after getting Gunsite. Not much of the difference technically speaking ;) I liked Gunsite more, hence Voyager was practically unused.
    According to Cold Steel a locking mechanism should stand 125lb ;) To be honest I don't feel like testing that.
    The handle is identical to the one found on Gunsite. Same Zytel, thus probably will have the same deformation problems described above, in Gunsite review.

Although Cold Steel claims that AUS-8A is an Outstanding & Incredible steel, other sources say that this is, say, an "Ok" stainless steel, roughly comparable with 440B, the major difference is added Vanadium in the alloy. It's an ok stainless one, but nothing exceptional, definitely will not outperform ATS-34 as Cold Steel claims in their Riposte. Well, like I said in Gunsite review, it does perform better than 440B, at least it did for me, thanks to Vanadium content. Tanto point is really strong. I don't know what about that Cold Steel rope test, I can't reproduce it ;) May be I'm too lightweight and inexperienced for that.

Last updated - 05/19/19

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