Cold Steel Gunsite II Folding Knife Review

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Cold Steel Gunsite

One more member of the "Gunsite/Voyager" family. At this time, not very surprisingly that is little one. Very nice choice for those who like this type of knives, but don't want to cary a small axe sized device like Gunsite :) So if you like Gunsite folder, but don't want 5 inch blade knife (closed knife is 6 inch) in your pocket, fine, here you go, Gunsite II got 4 inch blade & it's 5 inch closed & around 9 inch opened, vs. 11+ inch Gunsite :). Or by the occasion, you can wear one or another, or if you'd like to, both of them ;)

Gunsite II features 4 inch blade, shaving sharp out of the box as all Cold Steel knives. AUS-8A stainless steel, 50% serrated blade, 5 closed, Zytel handles. Blade equipped with thumbopener. Basically all the difference there is between Gunsite I and Gunsite II is the size. Everything else is the same, same issues with AUS-8, serrations, Zytel etc, so not to repeat myself, you can apply whatever I said about Gunsite I to Gunsite II.

Last updated - 05/19/19

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