Cold Steel Recon Tanto
Knife Review

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Cold Steel Recon

Well, a good tanto blade I'd say. I'm not fond of tanto blades in gereral, altohugh in opinion this is a good fighter blade, though I doubt about its survival knife qualities, mainly due to its blade geometry, however no one said, it was meant to be one ;).
    Cold Steel especially notes it for reinforced tanto point. In their[Cold Steel's] tests this tanto penetrated car door more than 20 times without any damage to its point. However, do not try to replicate the test yourself, it will void the warranty. I haven't tried to abuse mine like that but I still think it's gonna do it's job whenever necessary.
    The steel used for this 7 inch blade is the same Carbon V as in SRK. I already said couple words about this steel above, in short the edge holding is pretty good. As all Cold Steel products I've ever seen this one came razor sharp too, however have to mention that the middle part of the edge wasn't as sharp as the rest of it and this wasn't a factory second knife. Not a big deal though, I resharpened it myself using my DMT & then ceramic stone, pretty much easy ;).
    As in SRK, Blade covered with black epoxy powder, so the same story, it is a protection but still, sharp edge requires good care, otherwise it will rust very easily. Kraton rubber handle - provides excellent grip, this one comes with black leather sheath too. Unlike the SRK this tanto blade isn't a good choice for throwing, I tried ;) Bad :(. Although this tanto is a better chopper than SRK ;) You can find more info at Cold Steel web site.


  • Blade - 177.80mm(7")
  • Thickness - 4.76mm
  • OAL - 298.45mm(11.75")
  • Steel - Carbon-V 59HRC
  • Handle - Kraton®
  • Acquired - 10/1998 Price - 170.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19