Special Ops utility knife review

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Ops utility knife

Special design for US Navy Seals by custom Knifemaker George Lainhart. Don't know if Navy's really use this one but overall not a bad utility knife, not requiring much care & attention. 4 3/8 ATS-34 blade, hardened at Rockwell 56-57. Overall 8 7/8. Skeletonized design, with fingers contour, wire breaker notch. Comes with sheath that can be carried in variety of positions - belt, hand, leg etc.
    Interesting anyways, why not to harden this one at RC 59-61? There are many ATS-34 knives hardened at that hardness, I really doubt US navy seals requested lower hardness, unless they like to resharpen their knives too often. As add says features black Roguard coating, one of the most corrosion resistant coating available today on the market. Ok, may be, but this coating kind of tends to chip off :) Interesting isn't it? Well, good steel, one of the best stainless steels available on the market today, however without good heat treatment even the best steel is not worth much :) Haven't really used this knife much. Sitting in the trunk just in case. Simple enough to tolerate almost any abuse, oiling slightly once in a while, ATS-34 is not stainless after all, just rust resistant ;)


  • Blade - 120.65mm(4.75")
  • Thickness - 4.74mm
  • OAL - 225.30mm(8.87")
  • Steel - ATS-34 steel at 56-57HRC
  • Handle - Steel
  • Acquired - 04/1998 Price - 50.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19