Buck M9 Field Knife review

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Buck M9
Black Oxide Field Knife

Fixed blade. Overall length 12 1/4 . Blade 7 1/8 . Handle 5 1/8 . Rugged sheath, including pouch, honing stone.  US army found this knife to be good enough and now it's their official bayonet.
    Despite of the name this knife is anythuing but a field knife, primarily due to its blade material. Probably it is good as a bayonet (primarily a stabbing weapon) but I don't really need one. Blade steel as I know is 425M stainless, to be honest you better stay away frm it unless you need tough and very stain resistant steel. There's nothing to speak of edge holding capabilities, rather the absence of it. 425M is far from being a good steel, cheap one, easy to sharpen, easy to grind, finish etc, but makes no good for practical use requiring high wear resistance. Factory sharpened edge was not what's called Razor sharp, I'd say it was closer to - somewhat sharp, but after the very first use when I cut some meat it was completely gone. I resharpened it couple times, was quite sharp, however this wasn't for a long time ;) I like its shape though. So, now I'm not using that at all, just put it on the shelf & keep it in there :( It wasn't worth of those 130$ I spent on it (seen the same knife in local stores for 200$!!!). In general Buck has that tendency, to use the low cost materials in their knives(well, they make some exceptions too like their model 110), while this is more or less understandable with knives priced in the range 20$-40$, they could use something better than 425M in the knife that is priced over 150$ retail.
    I wouldn't buy this knife if I were you. You can spend several times less & get much better of a knife. Benchmade Nimravus for example, or check out bunch of other fixed blade knife reviews to pick something better.


  • Blade - 180.85mm(7.12")
  • Thickness - 6.35mm
  • OAL - 311.15mm(12.25")
  • Steel - 425M steel at 55-57HRC
  • Handle - Zytel
  • Acquired - 02/1998 Price - 220.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19