Chris Reeve Shadow III knife review.

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Chris Reeve Shadow III

Shadow III is a spearpoint version of Chris Reeve Knives Mountainer I. As I have already mentioned in my review of the Shadow IV I wanted to have the smallest one in CRK fixed blade spearpoint family. After using Mountainer I for some time, found it to be a very versatile, small utility knife. For utility purposes & to make my collection more complete I needed Shadow III. So, here it is.
    There's not much difference between those two knives, I am referring to Mountainer I and Shadow III here. Blade geometry - spearpoint on Shadow and clip on Mountainer I, plus handguard (Mountainer is missing the upper guard, but has notching instead). I do like the single guard format, so later I was able to obtain special version of Shadow III with the single guard and notched spine. I like it a lot better than the standard double guard version. Therefore as I expected the performance was similar to that of Mountainer I. Which like I have already mentioned in Mountainer I review was really impressive. Of course the different blade geometry, clip point vs. spearpoint will play a role here, but mainly nothign significant. Still, spearpoint is more strong for prying & stabbing, clippoint is a better fit for many cutting applications.


 - The only thing I didn't like on Shadow III is the handle, personally I find Mountainer I's single fingerguard plus notches on the blade spine much more comfortable, since I have rather large palms. So, ideally, I wanted Shadow III with missing upper finger guard and notched spine. Well :) The world is not without nice, small surprises & after posting a message on the I found out that CRK made that kind of Shadow III as well. It has it all: single upper guard, notched blade spine. Now I was happy. To see both Shadow IIIs click here :).
Sheath - High quality leather, however I don't really like the default Pancake sheath Shadow III comes with, once again CRK showed that they think of all their customers :) In other words, they have an optional sheath, that can be ordered as an option when purchasing a knife from them, or separately for 35$, which is very nice of them.

  • Model - Chris Reeve Shadow III;
  • Blade Length - 101mm (4"), non-reflective Kalgard® coating;
  • Blade Thickness - 4.5 mm (0.177");
  • Blade Width - 21.97mm (0.865");
  • Overall Length - 203mm (8");
  • Weight - 170g (6 oz.);
  • Steel - A2 Tool Steel hardened at 55-57 RC;
  • Warranty - Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19