Busse Skeleton Key
Utility Knife Review

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Skeleton key was one of the smallest knives ever produced by Busse Combat Knives. First time it showed up in 2005. Obviously, I've had to had it :) Jokes aside, smaller knives form the Busse Combat aren't that frequent happenings. Even so, the Skeleton Key was pretty rare by its design. Blade geometry and skeletaš handle made it pretty unique offering from Jerry's knife shop. There were numerous variations of the Skeleton Key knife. Besides original gray finish it was produced in camo, black, satin and bunch of other finishes. Modding community also was heavily involved. Bladeforums member Ban was modding Skeleton Keys heavily. His Piano Key mod is one of the most beautiful I've seen and those are amongst the most thought after Skeleton Key variations.


 - Skeleton key is a small, general purpose utility knife. INFI steel blade is 74mm long, which is just about 3". Blade geometry is standard clip point, but the blade itself, is one of the narrowest I have ever seen come out from Busse Combat. overall, I like it that way and in my opinion it is very functional design. It'd be a perfect small knife, if it wasn't standard nuclear tough thick. 4.75mm(or 0.2") thickness for the blade that small is clearly an overkill. Well, here's always a positive side to look at. You can jam your skeleton key in the rock crevice and hang on it ;) Or use it as a mini pry bar. Anyway, I wasn't planning on any of that, besides there were rumors of the thinner skeleton keys roaming around. Still looking for them, after 4 years since inception. Not very diligently to be honest, perhaps that's why I never got one. As for the handle, well, there isn't much of it :) Skeletal design, so that's it - bare metal. Although, several modders do install handles, the same piano key had a very nice one. I think whenever I get to do that, I'll get mine handled as well. I've been planning to send mine to bladeforums's Ban, hopefully I will sometimes soon.


 - So far it has been my dedicated letter opener :) That's the major work for my Skeleton key. That and package opening. Of course, I've done bunch of other cutting with it, mainly out of curiosity and testing purposes, or sometimes because that was the handy knife. Overall, it works just fine for small items, light and even medium cutting. I don't like cutting lots of cardboard with it, too thick of a blade, but for ropes, wood whittling and such, it works very well.


  • Model - Skeleton Key;
  • Blade - 74.00mm(2.91")
  • Thickness - 4.35mm
  • Width - 12.21mm
  • OAL - 182.00mm(7.17")
  • Steel - INFI steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - INFI
  • Weight - 54.30g(1.84oz)
  • Acquired - 06/2002 Price - 130.00$
  • Warranty - Unconditional Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19