Busse Anorexic Badger Attack
Combat Knife Review

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Story - On 02-27-2003 Busse Combat announced a limited run of their Badger Attack III, not called Anorexic Badger because of its unusual thinness by Busse standards I must add. Anorexic badger would've been the same thick as the Active Duty, which is 1/8". For the curious and historical purposes here's a link to the intro thread on bladeforums. Obviously I was interested in this unusual offering from one of my favorite makers. Especially that lately I favor thin knives, as they cut better. Not that I've given up on thick ones, after all I've picked up half a dozen kukris in last 6 months, just for smaller blades I try to get thinner ones. Kindda more natural ;) Anyway, I've placed an order and after few months of waiting the blade came in.


 - Anorexic Badger or shortly AB is almost identical to BA3, which I got earlier. And I wrote in the BA3 review that I'd love to have the same knife in 1/8 thickness. What would I know :) Anyway, it was a nice surprise, although it retired my trusty BA3 and Groove Master with it. I didn't have complaints regarding QC, nice satin finish, handle slabs match perfectly with the blade, no visible defects, dents, etc. AB was offered w/o the sheath, so I'm using the one from BA3, since that is on retirement anyways. Overall, it's a neat, versatile, small blade for light and even medium cutting. As a utility knife, for hiking, camping, etc it's almost a must have ;)


 - Anorexic badger for obvious reasons has blade geometry very similar to BA3. Although BA3 is flat ground, and AB is high saber. Apparently to make it stronger for prying. Unlike BA3, Anorexic one had a very nice mirror polished, convex edge on it. However it was tad thicker than that on BA3, which I also mentioned in the review was unusually thin for Busse shop. Later on I've thinned down the edge on AB a bit, and planning to thin it down even more. For the jobs I intend to do with it, there is no need in thick edges like that, especially that the blade is made of INFI steel. The NIB edge was really sharp, shaved without irritating skin and easily sliced through the free hanging paper. After stropping it on CrO compound loaded leather it was able to shave in both directions without any problems. Not that it was necessary, but I was just experimenting.


 - Anorexic Badger's handle is identical to that of the Satin Jack and BA3. Dimensions and the handle geometry to be precise. AB has Nucarta handle slabs. As I've mentioned in other reviews, I find it very comfortable and versatile. It proved to be very user friendly while using SJ and BA3, so is the AB. I don't have much to add to handle properties in this review, for more see SJ and BA3 reviews.


  • Model - Anorexic Badger Attack;
  • Blade - 101.60mm(4")
  • Thickness - 3.17mm
  • OAL - 228.60mm(9")
  • Steel - INFI steel at 58-60HRC
  • Handle - Micarta
  • Acquired - 07/2003 Price - 300.00$
  • Warranty - Unconditional Lifetime;

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Busse ABLE Busse ABLE & AD Busse ABLE & AD

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