Jed Darby Damascus Fighter
Custom Knife Review

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Damascus Blade

This one is my favorite ;) One of a kind, custom made by knifemaker Jed Darby. I can proudly say, this is my own design, well, the general lines I guess :) I've sent Jed my drawings, Jed finished the job, corrected few things here and there, very well have to say :)
    The blade is 8 inches long, drop point, fighter style. Since I wanted a damascus steel blade and modern damascus steel is more for the look than for the work... ;) So, the major issue was the look ;) The knife itself is 13 inches overall, full tang construction. In stock the blade is quite thick, .185 inch, 2 inches from stock the blade spine is thin .04 thick. Closer to the handle it has Darby's logo and my initials etched, here is the pic :). Generally damascus steel offers good flexibility and strength, so the thinner blade here is a good advantage for the fighter blade, for several reasons. One and the most obvious is the penetration, plus the overall weight of the knife is decreased. The blade becomes lighter, thus more manuverable, faster and less time is needed for recovery after each hit. The damascus steel used for this blade is made of 1095 and Nickel 200.
    The handle is made of black (Gabon) Ebony, to improve the grip the handle has fingergroves. Handguard is for safety ;).
   As of practical use, I have none for this blade and still, I like it a lot :) Sharpening this beast is quite a pain, basically only light strokes on ceramic stick help with this one, although it's slow, you can get it real sharp, can't say how long it will last, but like I have already said, this is not an utility knife, so basically doesn't really matter ;) I just love damascus steel, for its strange, beautiful look. This is something that you can just look and admire for hours.


  • Blade - 228.60mm(9")
  • Thickness - 5.08mm
  • OAL - 355.60mm(14")
  • Steel - Damascus 57HRC
  • Handle - Ebony
  • Acquired - 05/1999 Price - 600.00$

Last updated - 05/19/19