98 Treans AM WS6

Pontiac Transa AM 98

To The Memory Of My Cherished TA :(
This would be an official obituary for my Trans AM. It was a grief as great to as a grown person can experience for his/her car, may be little bit more :( At night, 08/2002 as a result of a stupid accident TA ceased to exist. To be precise, it took two weeks to declare it totaled, pardon - deceased. Those two weeks were difficult, hope mixed with dread, and then it happened :(
I've enjoyed TA WS6 every day during those 4.5 years. It was reliable and trusty beast. Never failed on me. 2 recalls for small parts and a squeaky steering rack were all the extra services it asked from me in 4.5 years. Is that too much? Of course not.
Rest in piece dear friend. Your memory will always be with me and this page shall stay forever in your honor.

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Manufacturer - Pontiac Year - 98
Model - Trans AM Color - Black
Transmission - 
Borg Warner T56, 6 spd. Manual.
WS6/Ram-Air induction Package includes:
WS6-emblazoned 9"x17" High-Polish Chrome Rims;
Goodyear P275/40ZR Tires;
Functional Ram-Air Hood with cold air induction;
3.5" Exhaust with single chrome tip;

Sound- Monsoon Stereo with 500 watt RMS, 
10 speakers;
Tape + 12 disk CD changer;
LS1 5.7 Liter eight-cylinder engine with 320 official HPs ;)
Gearing (1 to 6): 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1.00, 0.74, 0.50;
Weight: Curb - 3450 pounds;
Leather interior;
R7X Protection System;
Keyless entry;
All power;

Current Modifications:
  • CAGS Skip Shift Eliminator;
  • Kenny Brown Subframe connectors;
  • Hotchkis Engine bay brace.
  • B&M Ripper shifter.
Dyno Results
    Finally I made it :) 03/24/00 took my car to dyno. As you can see on the chart the results were impressive :)
  • Run #1 - 302.8 HP, 319.3 ft-lbs Torque;
  • Run #2 - 306.3 HP, 323.8 ft-lbs Torque;
  • Run #3 - 313.4 HP, 331.0 ft-lbs Torque;
313.4 HP comming to the rear wheel :)

Image Gallery

Front view Front view Front view Sunset
Side view Side view Side view
Logo Logo Logo
Lisence Plate :) Interior view Under the hood Under the car Dynoing TA Dyno Result Chart


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