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Lambda Illuminator HD Pro Flashlight Review

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Lambda HD Pro

Lambda as a modder and maker of custom flashlights has been around for a while. At least when I got interested in flashlights he already had a solid reputation. Anyway, this winter (2004) I checked Lambda WebSite again, and what I saw was the newest offering from Lambda lights - Lambda Illuminator HD Pro. Last summer I was planning on getting Lambda Illuminator, but couldn't get it, Lambda was already backlogged, then I sortta lost track of flashlights and so on. This time, I checked the website just right, and ordered one right away. Well, few emails back and forth asking some questions, Lambda's been more than helpful and prompt with the answers.
    In short about what Lambda Illuminator HD Pro is. It's yet another modification of Brinkman Legend 2AA cell flashlight. Actually that has always been Lambda Illuminator base ;) Just other modders use Brinkmnan quite often too, e.g. SLGI. Equipped with select 1 watt Luxeon high dome LED and modified DC/DC circuitry HD Pro has improved brightness and longer bnattery life. What's exciting about Lambda HD Pro is that you can use rechargeable batteries. Which is not an option on many LED flashlights.
    Overall it's a small, and very powerful flashlight for its size. QC is just excellent. Orange peel reflector custom made by Lambda is very well done. Actually you have an option to choose the reflector type. Check Lambda's site for details. For utility use, hiking, camping HD Pro is an excellent flashlight. Or as a backup light source for your bigger flashlight. And the ability to use rechargeable batteries makes it even more practical and useful.


 - HD Pro is equipped with Luxeon BIN Q4J LED. It's quite hard and confusing to figure out what's the deal with all those Luxeon bin codes, especially that they've changed I think year or so ago. If oyu want to know more, then check out the CPF forums website. There's plethora of the info and you can ask your questions as well. Simply put Q4 bin code is almost as good as it gets in Luxeon lottery ;) White, practically no tint, very bright and no defects in LED.
    The light output of HD Pro was more than impressive. It produced 936 Lux from 1 meter! And I've used PowerEx NiHM 2200mAh rechargeable batteries as a power source. Lambda's site specs HD Pro as 700-900 Lux. As you can see I got lucky again in Luxeon lottery ;) My HD Pro topped the spec by 36 Lux ;) Okay, joking aside it's nice to get the light that is on the higher side of the specs, or even slightly above :) If you want comparisons, then I can tell that of all 1W Luxeon lights I have only SLGI, LGI and HLI are able to outshine HD Pro. Now, bear in mind that SLGI/LGI use 3 AA cells and HLI uses 2 CR123 cells, and you'll see that HD Pro is an exceptional performer for its class and size. As of the other 2AA cel 1W Luxeons, it's not really comparable. BadBoy which is the same class, i.e. 1W LED, 2 AA cells produces 340 Lux, and so does ElektroLumens Illuma-Lux, now that one is usinng 3 AA cells and one would expect better results from it, but like I mentioned that one's got real crappy LED in it. As you can see HD Pro is way more than twice as powerful than other lights in its range.
    As for the light, it produces very nice and even corona, with visible hotspot, but again, the whole thing is very even, no dark rings or spots, unless you're shining your light at something closer than 5-7 inches. If you get that close then you'll see small dark spot in the middle of hotspot. But for all practical use, there is no dark spot, or ring. Reflector is well made, like I said.

Last updated - 05/06/19