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TnC 1 Watt Hyper Lux I Orange Splash Anodized Flashlight Review

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TnC 1 Watt Hyper Lux I

In summer 2003 TnC Custom Products started offering Hyper Lux I. Very neat looking 1 watt luxeon star flashlight. It was a new design available in two versions, 1 watt which I got, and 5 watter(Hyper Lux V) which was mainly intended for diving, because of the overheating problems. For the record, later TnC fixed heating problems with 5 watters, and now they are available for normal use, your paws are safe ;)
    As usual Chris of TnC was very helpful answering my questions and providing extra info I needed. Eventually I bought two of those, blue and Orange Splash Anodized. One of the nice things about TnC is that they always have each model of flashlights available in multiple colors and for a little bit extra, a lot fancier and cooler looking splash anodized ones as well. Blue one later went as a present, but I still have the splashy flashlight. In my opinion very nifty, functional tool. Not that I need to use it all that much, but whenever I do, it does the job :) And after all it's another cool toy I wanted to have.


 - Hyper Lux I body is made of aluminum, like the Lux Star I have and like many other flashlights out there. Again, quality, design and workmanship of TnC stands out. I like the design a lot, and execution, quality are just top notch. Everything is well machined, and perfectly fit. On top of that anodization is very well done. No defects whatsoever and splash ano looks just gorgeous. HLI also has the lanyard hole macnined in the but cap, in case you like using those.
    Hyper Lux I is rather small flashlight. Overall it measures approx 5.5" and the handle diameter is almost an inch. As you can see it's shorter and thicker than Maglite 2AA. Thickness is partly due to the power source, CR123 batteries are used to power up this gadget, and partly due to very thick walls, just a hair above 2mm. Which makes it real strudy piece of metal.
    Both, the handle and the head have deep and wide grooves machined in them. Which will contribute to grip security, and perhaps cooling too, not sure about the last one though. However with 1 watt Luxeon star LEDs overheating isn't a likely problem. Although everything depends on the build and power used. Anyway, this particular flashlight never had overheating problems for me. As of usability, it's good for me. Despite of the relatively short handle it is still convenient to hold even for longer periods of time, and thick aluminum walls guarantee its shock resistance, should that happen :)
    Operating Hyper Lux I is easy. It employs twist head mechanism, twist the handle or head to one side, light is on, another side, light is off. TnC apparently decided to drop rocker switch idea, because people were complaining about it not being waterproof. I haven't needed that quality from my flashlights so far, but accidents happen, and if you drop your beloved light into the water accidentally, it better survive that, especially when you've paid 70$ or more for it ;) HLI has silicon O rings on both ends of the handle, but cap and head. Should be waterproof.


 - The beam quality (read - the LED quality, or color) is very good. Of all the 1 watt luxeons I own so far Hyper Lux I has the whitest beam. Close to it come only LGI and Streamlight Luxeon 3AA. But both have purple tint. Elektrolumens latest 1 watt Luxeon that I got laterly, doesn't even come close, in terms of beam quality, rather puke greenish. Unfortunately I don't own any 1 watt Blasters from Elektrolumens, otherwise would've been interesting to compare. The beam itself is bright and has well defined hot spot. Sidespill isn't very big, especially on short distances. Then comes darker ring and then rather dim ring of light. HLI is using 30 MM optics used in few other high end LED flashlights. Overall, I can say I am very satisfied with the beam and the flashlight overall.

TnC 1 Watt Hyper Lux I TnC 1 Watt Hyper Lux I

Last updated - 05/06/19