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MrBulk's LGI 1W Luxeon Star Brinkman Flashlight Modification Review

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LGI drop-in

If you like high performance gadgets and things that push the envelope, then the LGI is definitely the one to look at. At least in the flashlight world ;) As of today(late spring 2003) it is the brightest 1W Luxeon Star flashlight out there. And it's been #1 for a while as far as I am concerned. Out of all the 1W LED lights I have LGI is the brightest, it outshines them all - BadBoy, Inretech 2AA, CMG Reactor III. And the difference in brightness is very visible.
    LGI, or Long Gun Illuminator is a modification of standard Brinkman Legend 3AA flashlight modification. Given the higher power consumption of LGI's 1W Luxeon LED I guess 2AA lights wouldn't provide adequate runtime. I like this flashlight(Legend) in general and I just love it as LGI, that is with super overdriven 1W led in it. Besides this one has kroll tail switch, which I personally prefer over Maglite twist system.
    Like I said if you are into overdriven, overclocked, boosted and supercharged things, then you ought to have this thing, and sure you have to look at Charlie's(aka MrBulk) web site. You'll find LGI and lots of other, really high performance flashlight mods. And on top of that MrBulk is a really nice guy and very helpful.


 - The beam is quite bright, or to be precise very bright for 1W flashlight. Definitely not a good idea to look at it directly. Mr Bulk's LGI page shows 826 lux from 1 meter distance for LGI. Very impressive. Visually, it's white, with some purple in it. Usual stuff with LEDs. LGI beam has a nice, tight spot, but produces plenty of sidespill as well. In short as a small flashlight it's a very functional piece. As far as I am concerned LGI draws 1500ma current. Therefore shorter battery lifetime, but it should still provide 3-4 hours of useful continuous light. Donno the exact numbers though. Later I'll update this page.

Last updated - 05/06/19