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Actually I never really realized how digital photography became one of the major hobbies for me. But thats how it is now. I spend a lot of time taking pictures with my digicam and then even more time processing them. And obviously a real hobby should get real expensive too, so this one was no exception.
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I've started long ago with 35 mm film camera. B&W SLR camera! And I was messing with all that darkroom stuff, red lights, photo paper, chemicals and all that. Later I gave up, apparently comps were more important :) And finally both came together more or less. At least conveniently close enough.

For now my primary photography subjects are my own blades and firearms. Other than that I do love taking pix of my friends while partying. That's pretty much it. I don't do nature(unless some grass, tree or bush ends up in the background with the knife or a flashlight), or art, or anything else.

First digicam I've had was Olympus 340L I think. Was a pretty good one for its time. Back then in 98-99. Over 1mpx resolution, LCD and removable storage :) I think there's still a few pictures laying on my site taken with that first cam. Desert Eagle Pistol FAQ images definitely were taken with that camera. In short, 340L made me happy for a while.
Until, later on Casio QV-3000EX came out in march 2000. That was hi-res with 3.3 mpx cam, also it could use microdrive, which I got with it, 340mb in digicam, that seemed to be a lot! Obviously I just had to have it. Especially in those times when the race for more mpx seemed to be the most important thing :)

Later on, I was using Sony cybershot 707 with 5mpx and 10x optical zoom along with Casio, and Sony was clearly superior. It was first time when I didn't take pix at full resolution all the time. And then I went to DSLR world, which changed things dramatically. I got Canon EOS 10D in may 2003. That was totally new experience and lots of learning too. Needless to say I fell into lens trap as well. I got one lens, then another, then another, then filters, then flash and so on. At least due to limited area of photography I didn't need extreme lenses, but apparently that's still to come. For a while I was fine with Canon EF 24-84mm, EF 50mm macro and Sigma 24mm wide angle lenses. But then in 2004 Canon had to release EOS 20D and I had to buy it, because it was much better for my uses. Especially with 5fps speed, which I didn't really need, but 0.2 wake up time was really useful, especially for those drunk parties.

I've used Canon EOS 20D camera with several lenses till the fall of 2008. For a while I've been debating EF vs. EF-S lenses but eventually decided to go with EF-S line. Since I don't consider lenses to be an investment for my grandchildren then why not to get the lens best optimized for my cam. So, for now I have EF-S 18-55mm, EF-S 17-85m IS, EF-S 10-22mm, Peleng Fisheye 8mm and old EF 50mm macro, which was replaced with EF-S 60mm macro lens, which in turn was replaced with MP-65E bazooka. External flash unit, Speedlite 420 went away with 10D. upgrade was 580EX tho. Well, that's pretty much it.

In 2008 I've picked up Canon EOS-50D. The latest and the greatest. Finally I felt Canon put something out that was well worth the upgrade from 20D. Main reason for me was live view and a larger LCD, both are very helpful for still photos of knives and other stuff I like to photograph. You'll find plenty of examples in the galleries on this site. I'll write up short review later.

Macro Photography - For a while I was using mainly Canon MP-65E and a copystand. Later I got sick of adjustment troubles and it's not that easy peering through the viewfinder for a long time either. So, I've picked up Omano OM9949T microscope with extra lens. It's easier to adjust and usually I connect camera to the laptop, so adjustment happens on the screen, much more convenient.