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Dat2Zip BadBoy 400mA 1W Luxeon Star 2AA Maglite Flashlight Drop-In Review

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BadBoy 400mA drop-in

BadBoy, produced by Dat2Zip and sold here, was my second MagLite mod after Inretech 2AA adapter. BadBoy unit is quite different from Inretech 2AA. While the later is a simple LED plus collimator, BadBoy is a more complicated product. It consists of 2 circuit plates, LED itself, DC/DC converter, some resistors etc. Officially it's called DC/DC sandwich module. What all that circuitry does? Provides 120 mins of constant brightness and then 2-10 hours of reduced light. Simply put DC/DC shoudl provide more efficient battery life management compared to linear regulator. Based on that I would guess that BadBoy should run longer thatn Inretech 2AA. How longer or even if I am right I donno. Inretech data I don't have at this time, and frankly I have no idea how to conduct a normal test :) Staring at 2 flashlights for 2-3 hours to notice difference isn't the brightest idea IMHO. May be when I have some equipment I'll try that. All that is reflected in the price as well. Inretech $25, BadBoy 35$, now you choose :) Or buy them both and do all the comparisons you'd like.


 - By itself installation is easy. Disassemble your 2AA maglite, remove the incandescent bulb and its plastic holder, drop in the sandwich module, then depending on your choice, drop in the optional retainer ring if you are going to use tailswitch. Otherwise, if you are going to stick with original twist switch of your mag you have to use the retainer ring. Of all the operations during the assembly this is the hardest part. That ring is quite hard to get in. Easiest thing to do: push it in using the battery. And as usual, the kit comes with acrylic collimator - NX05. Be careful with the optics though. As you can see this is no rocket science, however more complicated than Inretech 2AA adapter installation.


 - No questions asked the beam is a lot more powerful than that of incandescent MM. So, this comparison doesn't really makes sense. More fair comparison would be between Inretech AA and BadBoy. Strictly speaking I can't tell with 100% certainty, but Inretech looks brighter. What can be affecting visual effect is also the light color. Inretech is more of a green, and BadBoy is closer to purplish. Anyway, at least to me Inretech looks slightly brighter. However BadBoy has better, or more focused spot. Later I will post beam shots, but for now you'll have to take my word for it ;)
    In the end it is a very nice, small flashlight that will run a lot longer than the original and much brighter too.

Last updated - 05/06/19