Flashlight Reviews

Flashlight Reviews, incandescent and LED

...Then God said let there be light...
Genesis 1:3

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   One more hobby :) I've always liked all sorts of nifty gadgets. Flashlights have special place amongst them, don't they :) Currently main interests are latest LED based flashlights. Whether it's a keychain light or full sized one, I like them equally. Obviously those are very useful tools besides being cool toys.
   I've started with incandescent MagLites, later once LED lights started apearing I got my first Photon light, and lately with all the advances in LED technology there are so many cool lights out there... And so many sophisticated ones coming soon :)

If you own a pistol, the SureFire X300 A Turbo flashlight can be very useful when you need to illuminate a target in the dark.