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Ok, as you could have already guessed, currently, or to be more precise, last five years or so I am plugged on Hard Trance 99% of the time. No, I don't listen to the music 23.5 hours a day, but whenever I do it's 99% of that ;) As usual, is it arguable whether what I listen to is hard trance or more of a progressive or may be something else. Who cares. I like it a lot, and no I am not on E :). Old stuff is still there, once in a while still getting kicks out of that too.

Hard Trance - I've started with GOA, that was lasting for a while, but then I've discovered hard trance. Actually I've discovered di.fm hard trance channel and so it has begun. And still going. It's quiet different listening to electronic music. At least you have a lot more choices. Which can be good or bad thing, depends how you look at it. Sometimes I spend few days listening to new stuff, no time to listen to favorite tracks. On the positive side, I dont' have to wait for 2-3 years untill newx new album comes out :)
    Anyhow, it's cool. Especially when I'm writing C++ code, debugging some nasty bug, or sharpening a knife, uhmm, it's just soooooo perfect. As of the classification I don't bother with that now. Later, when we have time may be my friend DJ Dato (check out Bay Area Ravers) will educate me ;) Until that happens, I'll be listening to it as is. Not that I enjoy it any less. In short I'm fine. I'm definitely planing to dedicate a separate page to that. At least I can burn my own CDs and have my kicks ;)

Marilyn Manson - Lately Brian Warner(MM's real name in case you didn't know) seems to be very interesting. I don't really bother with whatever he does on the scene or behind it. The music is cool and that's all I care. And blaming him[MM] for some jerk's crimes it rather idiocy than anything else. Well, to each his own, including idiots. If you're his fan or hate him, enjoy whatever you are and good luck either way ;) Here's his official site - www.marilynmanson.com. Very well done BTW. Donno what the enemas are all about, but there was a pro working for sure.
    To those concerned citizens who feel an iresistible urge to inform me about burning in hell for what I wrote above, save your breath and network traffic Ok? I couldn't care less about some freak saving the world from MM ;)

   Ozzy, Dio, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple still ok. So it the Classic music(still in very small amounts).

If you are into Jazz, then you ought to check out my friend's site Ero Jazz.


This is just my tribute to these greatest bands. IMHO Each of them is or was the best band ever in the style or genre, whatever you call it, at least for a while. Of course that's my opinion, and I'm not going to argue with anybody who is the best and why :) This page doesn't contain as much information about the bands as other webs do, as I've already said it's my tribute, I like them and I've done what I wanted to do ;) As a matter of fact I have some basic info, Lyrics and discography plus some links to the best sites exclusively dedicated to each group. If you have a web page dedicated to any of this band and you think it's Ok, please tell me so I could link to it.