Bohler-Uddeholm Vanadis 8 Knife Steel
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Vanadis 8(Bohler-Uddeholm) - Based on the official Bohler-Uddeholm documents, Vanadis 8 was conceived as a successor and improvement over earlier Vanadis 10 steel for industrial tooling. Improvements are noticeable in impact strength, dimensional stability and chipping resistance. Abrasive wear resistance is better than that of the Vanadis 10 steel (except for the galling test where Vanadis 10 steel has an edge), for the same reason, machinability and grindability of the Vanadis 8 is lower. As per specifications, working hardness is in the 62-65HRC range, similar to its predecessor. I've seen a few knives made out of the Vanadis 8 steel already, and I suppose more will come, it looks like a very promising steel. Considering that Vanadis 8 steel improves Vanadis 10 steel which is a very good knife steel when properly heat treated, the results should be well above the average. To be exact, I've been using Phil Wilson Vanadis 10 Bird And Trout Knife at 65HRC for years and I have nothing but positive results. Getting something better than that is no easy job.

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Country - Sweden(SE)

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