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What is a knife? One of the oldest tool and weapon on earth. Personally to me, knives primarily are every day tools for different tasks, whether that is in the kitchen, backyard, camping, or opening mail :) Interestingly enough, despite the fact that everyone has more than one kitchen knife (and is just fine with it), there are an awful lot of narrow minded people out there, who see knives only as weapons. Bear in mind, they don't mind their own knives in the kitchen. Obviously most of them would be surprised to learn that over 95% of the knives used in crimes are the same kitchen knives. Yes, depending on the will and intention, a knife can become a weapon, so what? Given the desire practically anything can be used as a weapon, starting from a pen or screwdriver, and finishing with a VCR.
    So, what is the official definition of the knife anyway? According to the Webster Collegiate® dictionary a knife is:
1 a) : a cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade fastened to a handle;
   b) : a weapon resembling a knife;
2 : a sharp cutting blade or tool in a machine;

As you can see, primarily, knife is a mere cutting instrument, nothing else. What is being cut is a different matter, and depends on the knife user. As of today, the knife is one the most deadly weapons, too - officially more people are dying from knives than from firearms or any other kind of weapons. As mentioned above, the majority of knives used in crimes are those good old kitchen knives. Because they are available in every house. Somehow, anti-knife folks overlook this simple fact completely. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it :( You don't hear them proposing anti kitchen knife laws, back to the stone age ;) or earlier... Yeah, well, you know that saying about infinite stupidity. Speaking of stupid, and anti-knife, in Great Britain, in 2008 there was actually a proposal to ban pointed kitchen knives and replace them with round tipped ones. At least one company did produce and sells those round tip chef's knives, and they seem to be quite proud of their "invention" too.

My Interests

- - I have a humble (I guess not too humble anymore) collection, which is constantly growing :) and I hope, it will continue growing, (hopefully with my income ;) I've been collecting knives for several years by now. Therefore, more or less I have defined my areas of interest, preferences, styles, etc. Although knife world is changing fast :) And that's just great. Anyways, most of my knives can be qualified as user knives. I have a few art knives too, but main interests are modern, high-performance, hi-tech folding knives and fixed blades. That includes custom, semi-production and production blades. Amongst them: Busse, Strider, Benchmade, Blackwood, Hossom, Rinaldi, to name a few.

Another very important part of my collection - kitchen knives. Before, I've neglected them somehow. I used combat knives in the kitchen, along with Global knives and didn't really follow the trends and innovations in that area. I've missed a lot, unfortunately. Now I am catching up, with over 100 kitchen knife reviews :). After all, those are the knives I use every day, and really enjoy using them, too.

As with everything else in this life, first you have to understand better what it is that you want and what you need it for. Get the information first, and then do it. So is knife collecting, or just buying any knife. If you're a collector, I assume you know what you are doing, if you're new to the knife world, then... Then you have a lot to learn :)
More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Different knives are designed for different tasks. There is no one super-duper-do-it-all knife. Sure you can try to do everything with one, but why the sweat, when there are so many? It's not very easy to pick a knife, especially when you don't really know what are you are going to do with it. Really good knives will cost you. Plus, there might be a significant waiting period. On the other hand quite often you'll find a real bargain deal, just keep looking for it :) I am far from being an expert in this area, I just simply like knives, but one thing I can say for sure, before you buy one, go get some information, ask people, who know. Otherwise, chances are you'll be disappointed, besides wasting your money.

The knife reviews on this site represent solely my point of view, which may not match yours. You should use them only as a reference material and not as a guide. Whatever is good for me may not fit your needs and vice versa. The same applies to the knife testing described on these pages. It is your choice and responsibility to replicate them. Very frequently whatever I do to my knives may void the manufacturer's warranty or seriously damage the knife. Disassembling a knife can lead to the same, either voided warranty or you may not be assemble it back. Think twice what you are going to do, o.k.? :) Sorry for saying these very obvious and banal things, but having this site up for several years I came to conclusion, that I have to explicitly declare that. These pages are no manual and I am no teacher either ;) I'm just another guy, who likes knives.


I'm constantly changing/updating knife pages, so if you find any bugs please drop me a note at Contact Me, thanks ;)

DISCLAIMER - I am not a knife dealer, therefore most of the knives are not for sale! No catalogs either :)
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