Santoku Type Japanese Kitchen Knife Definition

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Santoku ( 三徳)
- The proper name of the knife is Santoku-Bocho. Also Bunkabocho. In Japanese means Knife of the three virtues. Apparently refers to its versatility, although to me Gyutos are more versatile. As Chris L. pointed out, Santoku is more versatile compared to Nakiri, the only real competition to it, in the home kitchen. Usually has a short blade up to 200mm, rounded tip still has a slight point. Double grind. Comes with western or Japanese handle. See Tojiro Santoku Review and Global G-48 Santoku Review. Sometimes incorrectly called Santuko.


  • Typically a Double Grind knife.
  • Common Blade Length - 165-180mm(6.5-7.09")
  • Blade Length Range - 130-180mm(5.12-7.09")

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