Kujira Hocho Type Japanese Kitchen Knife Definition

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Kujira Hocho ( 鯨包丁)
- Kujira means 'whale', and this type of knife was originally designed to cut meat and blubber from whales, particularly in the Tosa or Shizuoka regions. According to Shinichi Watanabe (who made the knife pictured), kujira knives are not ordered as often as they to used be. There are only a handful of smiths who make them anymore. Kujira hocho use isn't limited to whales, however, and can be used on big fish such as tuna, shark, and swordfish. They are very large knives with long handles and blade lengths well over 300mm. The knife pictured has a 360 mm blade and 25 cm handle.


  • Typically a Single Grind knife.
  • Common Blade Length - 300-450mm(11.81-17.72")
  • Blade Length Range - 270-720mm(10.63-28.35")

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