Chris Reeve Shadow IV knife review.

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Chris Reeve Shadow IV

Story - After having Reeves Project II for some time, I've became interested in his other works. The experiment with Sebenza was unsuccessful :( I didn't like it and returned it. However, Reeve's spear point blades were very attractive and interesting to me, for that first I have ordered shadow IV. Yet another experiment :) At this this, a successfull one, I liked Shadow IV a lot, very nice, medium size, heavy-duty, field knife. Shadow can take quite some abuse, for it is a rugged, simple and strong knife. Looking very good too :) The spear point is stronger than the clip point, so for prying it'd be a better choice. I liked Shadow IV enough to order one more Reeve knife, at this time Project I. Sometimes later I'll be getting Shadow III too(well, I've already got 2 of those by now), will be interesting to play with the smallest knife in the spear point family.
    I have already mentioned many reasons why to buy Chris Reeve Knives products in my earlier review of Project II, so I will not repeat those. The Shadow IV is smaller then Project I or Project II, yet has it's own purpose and area of use. Probably one could do (or try to do) all tasks either with Project I, or Project II, or the opposite, use only the Shadow, but why :). For some tasks a longer and heavier blade is better, for others smaller and more maneuverable. Besides, I like them all. So, I have a good enough reason anyways ;)


 - Shadow IV is made in traditional Chris Reeve Knives manner. This means very high quality and attention to details. As a member or one piece range family it has many similarities with Project II, the blade material is A2 Tool Steel, the same Kalgard® coating; The same heat treatment(which means HRC 61 instead of HRC 55-57 would've been better), the hollow handle is the same, but a little bit smaller, leather sheath, strings, etc. Obviously Shadow IV is lighter.
    Sheath, same thins as with the rest of the blades from the one piece line - high quality leather, though that leather strap doesn't really do much to keep the blade in place. Overall - I am very glad with Shadow IV. A well made knife for hard field use and abuse. You can count on this one in your trips and camping tours :) Makes an excellent backup for your primary blade, in case you insist on 2 blades only setup :)


 - 5.5 inches long, high saber grind, spear point, covered with non-reflective Kalgard® coating. BTW, have to mention, the Kalgard® coating that Mr. Reeve uses is a strong one, after quite some chopping, digging, wood whittling and cardboard cutting it sustained only minor damages, compared to BT2 used by Benchmade or the black Ti finish on the Emerson Commander Kalgard® is a clear winner. The edge is mirror polished and razor sharp right out of the box. Shadow IV was able to push cut through the thin, free hanging paper right out of the box. As usual there's no complaint to the CRK NIB edges. As of the usability, with its 5.5 inch blade Shadow is versatile and convenient knife to use. I've used it for various sorts of cutting and light chopping and it performed satisfactory in all areas. It isn't too big to get in a way, yet has enough blade to handle most of the everyday and not so everyday cutting chores. As usual one rarely needs bigger knives anyway.


 - Full depth precision machined knurling. In other words this is a checkered steel, although it feels much more comfortable in hand then one might think. Hollow, watertight handle with an aluminum butt cap that has neoprene "O" ring. Replacement butt caps can be ordered from Chris Reeve Knives if you loose or damage yours. :) After getting CRK Shadow III single guard variant I definitely wanted Shadow IV single guard and notched spine :) I find this configuration more convenient to use. Once again CRK wouldn't disappoint me :) They make single guard Shadow IV-s too :) Here's the picture of single guard Shadow IV.

  • Model - Chris Reeve Shadow IV;
  • Blade Length - 139mm (5½"), non-reflective Kalgard® coating;
  • Blade Thickness - 5mm (0.187");
  • Blade Width - 30.05mm (1.183");
  • Overall Length - 266mm(10.5");
  • Weight - 326g (11.5oz.);
  • Steel - A2 Tool Steel hardened at 55-57 RC;
  • Warranty - Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19