Chris Reeve Project I knife review.

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Reeve Project I

The Story - Well, the story is my curiosity & the fact that I liked Project II a lot, that's it, and the collection would look more complete with both projects ;) As you can see I've had more than serious reasons to get Project I, so I did it. Practically the only difference between those two knives is the point. Project I has a spear point, while Project II features clip point. Theoretically & practically it is known that spear point is stronger than a clip point, so it'd be better suited for prying or digging for example, compared to clip point. However clip point has the advantage in terms of cutting performance.
    I wouldn't want to repeat myself here, simply put, everything I said about Project II is true for the Project I. Given the number of knives and the lack of free time lately, I don't get to use most of my knives alot, if at all :( So is the Project 1, neevr used it so far. While I've managed to conduct some testing with Project II, I never made it to Project I yet. Well, there's awlays tomorow :) The specs are identical for Projects, but here they are :)


 - Project I form Chris Reeve Knives is a very nice, though, on the expensive end, camping/survival/field knife. It is designed to be used & can take lots of abuse. Apparently not as much abuse I I thought it could - click here to see it on The spear point on Project I is obviously stronger than the clip point on Project II, however sacrifices certain convenience with slicing. So, depending on your needs you may need one or the other, or both :)))
Check other knives too, from Chris's One Piece Range. I would highly recommend to read Cliff Stamp's article Project I.

  • Model - Chris Reeve Project I;
  • Blade Length - 191mm (7½"), non-reflective Kalgard® coating;
  • Blade Thickness - 6.5mm (0.255");
  • Blade Width - 32.06mm (1.262");
  • Overall Length - 324mm (12.75");
  • Weight - 397 g (14 oz.);
  • Steel - A2 Tool Steel hardened at 55-57 RC;
  • Warranty - Lifetime;

Last updated - 05/19/19