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Dat2Zip MadMax Lite 3W Luxeon Star 2AA Maglite Flashlight Drop-In Review

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MadMax Lite drop-in

MadMax(MM) lite, next generation sandwich module, designed for 2AA Maglite produced by Dat2Zip sold in The Sandwich Shoppe. This was an upgrade for my older BadBoy 400 sandwich module from the same place. Visually there is practically no difference between those 2 units. Except MM sports 3 watt luxeon star LED, which was introduced in 2003, at least widely. Positive aspects of 3W are more consistent tint and brightness. Also ability to handle higher currents, thus producing brighter light. Other than that, I am not sure what's different. May be circuitry has been upgraded too. One way or another, MM lite provides around 180 mins of runtime on 2AA alkaline batteries before going down to 50% of initial brightness. Pretty good result IMHO. The price of the unit has been upgraded as well, now it is 55$ vs. 35$ on older BB, although light output much better on MM. Probably bin code also matters, BB I bought wasn't the brightest bin code available, as it turned out later, I didn't really do my homework :)

general -

 - Basically the same steps as with BB400, except it's even easier, because metallic retention C ring has been replaced with rubber O-ring. Much easier to put it in place, or remove. So, in the end complete kit consists of the led sandwich module, Fraen optics, 2 O-rings, one for the lens, one to hold the module inside the flashlight tube. You can order additional accessories for the kit as well. I've ordered McFlood metallic reflector, but wasn't all too excited about its performance, so I don't use it. If you need flood light, not the tight spot then McFlood might be your choice, but to me it was too dim. That said, I have to say mention that I'm planning to replace Fraen optics with normal reflector, namely SO17XA. Which is made specifically for Luxeon LEDs. Although the older model I have required some modifications in order to fit 2AA Maglite. We'll see how it goes. I'll post results later on.
    For the record, MM Lite is compatible with FireFly2 which is already out. In other words you can replace FF2 module with this one. At least it is designed to be used in FF2 DIY kit. I am not sure whether replacement applies to stock FF2s though.

Beam -

 - Much nicer than both older BB400 and Inretech 2AA. Considering that those modules were based on older LEDs, and technologies no wonder the new one is more than twice as bright as its predecessors. Also, the beam tint is improved visibly. Very nice white, almost no tint, if any, it's rather on purplish side, not green. Overall I am very satisfied with the performance and light output of this module. Using fresh alkaline batteries MM produced 430 Lux from 1 meter. For the light of its class that's a very good result, no questions asked. I haven't measured runtime, but with my occasional use it's been 3 months and still running close to max brightness. For comparison perhaps you shuld take a look at Arc LS 3W review. Powered by same 3W LED, but TWAK bin, Arc LS 3W modification produced ~750 Lux frmo 1 meter. Although power source was also different, and Arc LS 3W was driven at higher voltage. Still for comparison purposes it'll do.

Last updated - 05/06/19